Mark Birbeck on RDFa by ianalchemy

This presentation by Mark Birbeck was part of the 20:20 Lightning Talks session, held at XTech 2008.

The 5 minute guide to RDFa…in only 6 minutes 40 seconds

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Presentation title: The 5 minute guide to RDFa…in only 6 minutes and 40 seconds Presentation abstract: RDFa is a generic way to add metadata to mark- up, and has been described by Bob du Charme as “microformats done right”. This talk aims to get you up to speed on this new W3C standard – fast. By: Mark Birbeck Conference: XTech 2008 held at Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, Dublin, Ireland, from May 6th to 9th, 2008. Session: 20:20 Lightning Talks, on Thursday May 8th, 2008. Session abstract: 20:20 lightning talks are short presentations designed to be a fun, interesting and compact way for many ideas to be communicated in a short space of time. The 20:20 format encourages highly focused, fast-moving presentations, and helps to keep audience attention riveted on each presentation, to keep things a bit unpredictable and surprising, and to keep presentations ‘fat free’ without any lulls. Maybe you have a new idea you’d like to try out, or a new project you’re starting. A lightning talk is a great way to tell others about it without the burden of a full presentation and paper!