For a long time now we’ve placed useful XForms links at the bottom of the page on this site. But the problem is that we don’t always capture all of the useful sources of information that is available for XForms, and what links we do list are tucked away at the bottom of the page. (You might not even have known it was there!)

So I decided to set up a separate site called Planet XForms, that does nothing other than aggregate a number of XForms-related blogs, as well as various XForms-tagged resources, such as images from Flickr, presentations from SlideShare, videos from YouTube, events from Upcoming, links from Magnolia and, and news from Google. There is also a Feedburner feed if you want to get the whole bundle into your RSS reader in one go.

Planet XForms is completely automated, which means that if you have a screenshot that you want the XForms community to see, you don’t need anyone’s permission to get it onto the Planet XForms site; just upload it to Flickr, tag it with ‘xforms’, and it will soon show up. Similarly, if you have a useful tutorial, you could make a YouTube video or upload your slides to SlideShare, and as long as you don’t forget the ‘xforms’ tag, your video or slideshow will quickly be available to anyone interested in XForms.

We’ll leave the feeds on this site around for a little longer, but since Planet XForms is going to be so much easier to use, and includes far more material than we have here, we’ll wind it down soon.