formsPlayer toolbar for searching Prototype API docs

A recent announcement that documentation for the Prototype Ajax library was now available was followed almost immediately by a rather neat looking desktop gadget and a Firefox sidebar. Not to be outdone, I decided to put together a toolbar for Internet Explorer, and managed to do the whole thing with one XForms form control and an action handler–and of course, no script.

If you use Prototype and you just want to install the documentation toolbar, you can do so from here. You’ll need formsPlayer, but this form will install it automatically, and once you have it you’ll be able to add other bars to IE without any further downloads.

I’ve written the whole thing up as a tutorial which might prove interesting even if you don’t want to create any toolbars, as it shows different ways to use load, as well as DOMActivate on an input control. If you’d like to get the code and use it as a guide to creating your own toolbars, it is available from here.