RDFa: What It Is and What It's For

14 Mar 2008

[![Mark Birbeck speaking on RDFa at OkCon 2008](http://okfn.org/sysadmin/svn/t runk/okcon/2008/pictures/00149.jpg)](http://okfn.org/sysadmin/svn/trunk/okcon/ 2008/pictures/00149.jpg)

This presentation by Mark Birbeck was part of OKCon 2008, organised by the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Presentation title: RDFa: What It Is and What It's For (mp3)

By: Mark Birbeck

Conference: OKCon 2008, held at the London School of Economics, on Saturday March 15th, 2008.

Session: [Versioning, Packaging, and Structuring Open Material](http://okfn.org/wiki/okcon2008/Open_Space#head- 6697b2d5cc12f6f61f6a529efb0e8a8b6d78d570)

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